P3D & Iain Mac

P3D & Iain Mac
Which styles do you play?
House, Techno, Trance, Hard Dance, Hardcore, Jungle, Oldskool & D&B


How long have you been DJing?
P3D: Playing for 20 years
Iain Mac: Playing for 10-11 years


What/who inspired you to start mixing?
P3D: Inspired by friends, dmc djs and the scene I was into at the time (hardcore)
Iain Mac: D.Js like Tom Wilson (R.I.P), Marc Smith, Scott Brown, Sy & of course latterly seeing my good friends P3D & J.A.K do what they do & it spurred me on.


What is your most memorable set or DJ moment?
P3D: Most memorable for me is playing at the legendary Arches in Glasgow.
Iain Mac: My first ever gig at The Burgh bar in Dumbarton in 2011 it was a hard dance night we organised. I played an oldskool dutch & happy hardcore set and i nailed it lol. The feeling of Having the room literally hanging on every mix & tune got me hooked on playing to a crowd!!


Who are your favourite DJs?
DJ SY, DJ Hype, Mickey Finn & Kutski


Who are your favourite producers?
Stephan Bodzin, Whebba, Coyu, Hoxton Whores, Tidy Boys, Ferry Corsten, Aphrodite, Shy FX


What are your favourite labels?
Tidy trax, Positiva, Impact, Incentive, Kniteforce & Essential Platinum


What are your top-5 tunes of all time?
1. Artemesia – Bits & Pieces
2. Roni size and Represent – Brown paper bag
3. Blackbox – Ride on time
4. The Prodigy – Everybody in the Place
5. Daft Punk – Da Funk


Guaranteed floor-fillers?
Tiesto – Adagio for Strings, Artemesia – Bits & Pieces & T.T.F – New Emotion


What is your favourite club?
P3D: The Arches Glasgow
Iain Mac: Yeah the Arches or Space Ibiza


Club night/promotion you’d most like to play at?
KTRA, Goodgreef or Rezerection (if they ever brought it back)


Are you/have you been involved in production/other radio stations?
P3D: Ongoing productions at college nothing released just yet played on Danger Fm and Sunrise Fm
Iain Mac: Played on Danger Fm for 2 years now on Sunrise Fm