Dj Shaun E

Dj Shaun E
Which styles do you play?
House music/D’n’B/Jungle


How long have you been DJing?
20 Years from 1998 till present day


What/who inspired you to start mixing?
Rave tape packs from the early 1990’s


What is your most memorable set or DJ moment?
Playing to 5000 people at Majestyk nightclub, Leeds, UK. The buzz was amazing


Who are your favourite DJs?
Slipmatt/Dj Hype & Carl Cox


Who are your favourite producers?
Ther have been so many over the years, just too many to mention


What are your favourite labels?
Open House Records & Deepdowndirty


What are your top-5 tunes of all time?
This is one of them questions that the reply to changes all the time so i can’t just point out 5 lol


Guaranteed floor-fillers?
Modjo Lady – Hear Me Tonight

Phats and Small – Turn Around


What is your favourite club?
Anywhere aslong as there is a good crowd and good music


Club night/promotion you’d most like to play at?
Ministry Of Sounds, London


Are you/have you been involved in production/other radio stations?
I have been on Internet Radio since 2017