Insane & Mind

Insane & Mind
Which styles do you play?
Our main love and passion is Hardcore, But we do love & play all the sounds from the original Old Skool vibes, right through to todays freshest Upfront Hardcore.


How long have you been DJing?
We’ve been DJ’ing alongside each other for nearly 26 years, since we first got into the rave scene back in 1991


What/who inspired you to start mixing?
It all started from listening to our local Pirate Radio Station, Mad FM back in the day and then going vinyl hunting at Parliament Records in Hertford.


What is your most memorable set or DJ moment?
History Of Hardcore Event number 9, We played the last hour 5-6 with MC Spenno to a packed dance floor and the set went proper off! Right to the end!


Who are your favourite DJs?
Alongside our original Favs like Slipmatt, Sy, Vibes, Dougal, Brisk etc, Gotta also mention Hardcore artists like, Recon, Gammer, Klubfiller & of course Darren Styles


Who are your favourite producers?
To get a good idea of who we like, Just listen in to our shows, Or check out the archives on soundcloud from previous shows. We always support our fav artists within from the established to the up and coming!


What are your favourite labels?
All will become clear when listening to archives from previous Radio Shows or locking in each and every other Tuesday 8-10pm
Soundcloud –


What are your top-5 tunes of all time?
5 tracks between 2 DJ’s would be near impossible to choose. So we’re give you our 5 favourite era’s / styles instead!
1 – 91/93 Old Skool
2 – 94/95 Breakbeat Hardcore
3 – 95/99 Happy Hardcore
4 – 2000+ UK Hardcore
5 – 2000+ Nu Skool Rave


Residences Held
Raindance, Epidemik, History Of Hardcore


Record Labels
HOH Recordings, NuVision Records, Raveskool Recordings, Future Follower Records


What is your favourite club?
For raving it would of been places like,
Labyrinth, Rhythm Station, The Sanctuary, Lydd Airport, For playing out, It was SeOne & Jacks in London, Such good times!!


Club night/promotion you’d most like to play at?
For bookings, promos, demos, label submissions & general enquires please contact us at


Are you/have you been involved in production/other radio stations?
Faze Fm 102.5 1996
Remaniss Radio 2005
HOH Worldwide Radio 2009
Club Labrynth Radio 2015
London Pirate Radio 2017