My earliest memory is of music aged 3, I can clearly remember hearing hey big spender on the radiogram in our tiny flat, and loving it. At the age of 9, I really started getting into music with tapes and transistor radio. from the age of 11 coming up to age of 12, i got a record player for Christmas, A Rigonda Mono, where i started collecting vinyl in 1977. The first album I ever bought was Disco Fever. I’ve been collecting vinyl and all other formats since.

At the age of 14 in 1979, the local school club got a FAL dj twin deck unit where i started playing on it at the weekly club nights, that is where the DJ ing started. I used to get chucked on the record player at family parties as a teenager all the time. Music is in my blood and consumes, my thoughts more than anything else.

In 1979/81, CB Radios were big where i began to do shows on Mine as well as sometimes chat the girls up, it was handy toy, that was my first attempt at broadcasting as a teenager.

I was busy working 7 days a week through the mid 80’s through to the 90’s and starting my family, so djing took a back seat till late 90’s where in 1998 i started collecting Mp3’s as well as cds and vinyl still. Work slowed down and the djing came back to the fore front. It progressed from there and i kept collecting all sorts of music including vinyl. I started djing for a family run charity in year 2000 raising money.

I’ve been doing radio for a long time now. My first real go on radio was on Sunrise FM. I also started and once owned my own Radio station called Rare Groove Radio which i ran for a few years. I joined Morpher Radio in 2009 for a while, then i Joined Soul Legends Radio in 2012. More recently i have guested on Centreforce DAB.

I love anything soulful, especially Mellow soul and Rare Grooves. I play most genres including House, Soul, Funk, Garage, Reggae, Lovers Rock and many many more genres. I have been doing the Soul on Sunday show since 2008 and i dare say i will continue playing music till i die. For me it is all about the music and the listeners without whom there would be no music.

Peace and love Dodge X

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