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Most of you will remember me as Dj Techno back in the day of the original days of Sunrise FM. I joined the radio scene on SunriseFm around the mid 1988 just in time for the Camber Soul Weekender events.

I started my career at the age of 16 years old in 1988, when I was introduced to radio. It was during this time I developed a love and a passion that would last a lifetime.

The first station I played on was Sunrise 88.75 FM, an East London station that was really making its mark with DJ’s such as Rat Pack, Ellis Dee, Peter Stapleton, BadBoyWest and Andy M to name a few.

I have too many memories of the radio industry and the rave scenes back then including the Thames Barrier Arms pub in Woolwich and Chalets Raids at the Camber Soul Weekenders.

I changed Dj name to GregRichards when i hit back onto the airwaves in 2005 joining various different radio stations from the East and South East of London and across Essex and live on the web.Its great to be apart of one of the original legend stations from back in the day.

Join me every Sunday 4pm – 6pm UK time for the continuation of Soul On Sunday.


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