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Matty P

I Have been djing since at the age of 16 on and off. I started when my mate got a set of Technics turntables, I had a go and instantly loved it. I’ve always wanted to mix from a very young age.

I got into the rave scene in the early 90s, as my older brother was going to raves and got me into it.

I gave it all up when I had kids those and then my niece’s boy friend had some Citronic decks and he borrowed me them for few weeks and then got the bug again, so I invested in some chronic decks and started to collect vinyl again.

My friend was skint and was selling his 1210’s and Technics mixer for £250. So I had to have them as I’ve always wanted Technics from a young age.

My good friend Matthew Morrison got my into digital decks and introduced me to on-line radio and got me a slot on his show.

Myself and Reezay, Dabbzy, Libz and pharmacy do the random rave show every sat night on Sunrise FM.


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