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I’ve been into Soul & Dance music since the early 80’s. I loved listening to pirate radio playing Soul, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop then hip house in 1987-88, then bang acid house rave scene then in 1989. I knew I was more then in love with my music & wanted others to hear me play my tunes.

I began doing parties for friends. I meet up with Dj Roughcutt in the early 90’s where we started our own pirate radio station called Pulse FM. I played on there during the week.
We met up with Dave Jameson at the Thames Barrier Arms pub in Woolwich where we played tunes on Friday nights where Dave got me on Sunrise Fm in January 1990. I played hardcore Rave, Techno & House music on Saturdays afternoons 2pm – 4pm.

I played at venues such as Seduction allnighters at the lido in Margate, Camber Weekenders, Timeless at Reditch, Illusion in Wolverhampton.

I got back into online radio this time in 2006 with Dave where we formed as the Nastysquad playing the new sounds of the Hardcore- breaks breakbeat jungle & dnb which we still play to this day.

Sadly in March 2018 life in general & depression got the better of Dave where sadly he took his own life. We had a fantastic friendship on & off the radio, close like brothers. Life has not been the same since, but the music must go on, its what Dave would have wanted.

I will still continue to keep the Nastysquad alive because it’s my own love & passion for music, which is strong when i spin those tunes on Saturday’s 12 till 2, I keep Daves memories alive with you the people, the sunrise listeners new & old.


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