Stevie T

 Hi i’m Stevie T, i’ve played internet radio on and off for 12yrs

Started out actually on sunrise fm,played on a couple of other internet stations,  but I’m like a boomerang I always come back home, I’ll always have that soft spot for sunrise, We’re I started  most properly is were I finish !! have gigged out a few times in the past, i play with passion and i love to entertain !! i’m oidskool so i’m always gonna be playing classic soul, funk, disco & rare groove etc.

Growing up the first recollection i had was when i was a quite young  at the beginning of the 80’s and my dad having a wurlitzer jukebox in the corner of the lounge which my mother totally hated lol, the vinyl places in it such as from the philly sound : Billy Paul, The O’Jays, The Jacksons to Earth Wind and Fire, Shalamar and Dan Hartman.

As a kid I was just drawn to these tunes I was hearing, just like a magnet !! as 80’s went on i started listening pirate station’s such as Solar, Horizon, LWR and of course not forgetting Radio London and Essex Radio, and better put sunrise in that mix 😁 !!

I used go to what was once called Flicks nightclub in Dartford on Tuesday school night lol in the mid 80’s , getting down to the likes of Skipworth and Turner, Total Contrast, Loose Ends, Five Star etc, had great times then !!

What else can i say ”you know i’ve got soul” saying that, i’m not gonna leave out genres i like such as electro/hiphop and acid house/89 scene which I have a love for………

Catch me every fortnightly Thursday 4pm – 6 pm with my regular show : The Soul Agenda ‘’it’s Time To Surrender’’ only on Sunrise Fm !!!!!!!

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